iNZvest - A unique solution to offshore investors

iNZvest is an investment platform that differs to most.

We established iNZvest to promote New Zealand investment support to non-resident investors.  For over a decade, management of iNZvest have collectively provided transaction support to non-residents on inbound investment.

As a result of this and Andrew Sayers’s focus on investor migrant advisory support, we have established a significant database of high net worth individuals and corporations looking to New Zealand for migration (investor visa applicants) or for direct investment.  We have also established strong working relationships with New Zealand top advisory specialists in the field of investor support.

iNZvest differs to most similar platforms – we manage transaction support and are not financial advisors or brokers.  Non-resident investors face significant challenges and risks when investing in other jurisdictions.  New Zealand’s legislative framework, the financial modelling, and structuring of a deal is unique.

iNZvest provide this wrap around service specifically for these investors.  No matter what the investor needs are, we can manage them seamlessly via our hand selected partner network.

By centrally managing investors needs, iNZvest coordinate transaction services to ensure that New Zealand expert advisors are always ‘on the same page’ throughout transactions.  Rather than investors obtaining standalone advisory services from parties they don’t know personally, we manage the provision of these services centrally.  This not only ensures that investors obtain the best holistic advice, but this centralisation of management also improves advisory deliverables such as accuracy of scope, advisory quality, timeframes, and reduces the overall cost of transaction services.

Our hand selected network are bespoke to each transaction and there are no financial kickbacks or referral incentives between these parties and iNZvest.  This way you can be assured that parties are chosen for their capability to add value to a transaction.

Meet the Directors


Andrew Sayers

Andrew is a Chartered Accountant and one of New Zealand’s leading transaction management specialists having worked exclusively to support investor migrants and other foreign nationals investing in New Zealand for many years. Andrew travels globally hosting seminars and conducting one on one meetings with investors to develop deep and trusted relationships.

Working closely with top professionals in the areas of Immigration Policy, Banking, Overseas Investment Office and Property sectors, Andrew has a very broad knowledge of the investment criteria and the needs of investors and investor migrants.


Richard Williams

Richard is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years’ experience with international transactions including acquisitions, mergers, full and partial releases of equity and equity rollups. Richard is qualified in both law and accounting.

Having been on numerous due diligence teams, Richard is recognised as a specialist in international taxation providing a wealth of expertise on acquisition structure, debt/equity options, transfer pricing, thin capitalisation and optimisation of after tax return. These unique talents have fostered strong business relationships with private equity groups, corporate finance teams, business brokers, financiers and high net wealth individuals.


David Heald

David is a Chartered Accountant and a leading advisor in the areas of property development, construction, corporate agriculture. He works alongside a diverse range of businesses operating and investing in a variety of industries and markets. David has a particular specialisation in large multi-farm dairy syndications.


Craig Barrett

Craig is a Chartered Accountant that advises the Maori owned asset sector; he also holds a number of Iwi governance roles. Craig has extensive networks within Iwi. In addition, he has deep commercial and strategic experience as a specialist for his ability to bring groups together to engage and continue through the process for transactions including acquisitions, mergers, full and partial releases of equity.